Conversations with Biographical Novelists

Conversations with Biographical Novelists

Truthful Fictions across the Globe

Lackey, Professor Michael

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Acknowledgments Introduction: The Agency Aesthetics of Biofiction in the Age of Postmodern Confusion (Michael Lackey) 1. Positive Contamination in the Biographical Novel (Kevin Barry, interviewed by Stuart Kane) 2. Reflections on Truth, Veracity, Fictionalization, and Falsification (Laurent Binet, interviewed by Monica Latham) 3. Resisting the "Dictatorship of the Present" in the Biographical Novel (Javier Cercas, interviewed by Virginia Rademacher) 4. Sally Hemings' Staircase: On Biofiction's Afterlives (Barbara Chase-Riboud, interviewed by Melanie Masterton Sherazi) 5. Voicing the Nobodies in the Biographical Novel (Emma Donoghue, interviewed by Michael Lackey) 6. The Biographical Novel as Life Art (David Ebershoff, interviewed by Michael Lackey) 7. Fictions of Women (Hannah Kent, interviewed by Kelly Gardiner) 8. The Bionovel as a Hybrid Genre (David Lodge, interviewed by Bethany Layne) 9. Contested Realities in the Biographical Novel (Colum McCann, interviewed by Michael Lackey) 10. The Biographical Novelist as Cultural Diagnostician (Anchee Min, interviewed by Michael Lackey) 11. Speculative Subjectivities and the Biofictional Surge (Rosa Montero, interviewed by Virginia Rademacher) 12. Stitching Up the Auto/Biographical Seam (Stephanus Muller, interviewed by Willemein Froneman) 13. Complex Psychologies in the Biographical Novel (Sabina Murray, interviewed by Michael Lackey) 14. The Slant Truth of the Biographical Novel (Nuala O'Connor, interviewed by Julie A. Eckerle) 15. Postmodernism and the Biographical Novel (Susan Sellers, interviewed by Bethany Layne) 16. The Anchored Imagination of the Biographical Novel (Colm Toibin, interviewed by Bethany Layne) 17. I Believe in the Novel (Olga Tokarczuk, interviewed by Robert Kusek and Wojciech Szymanski) 19. Biographical Fiction and the Creation of Possible Lives (Chika Unigwe, interviewed by Michael Lackey) Contributors Further Reading Index
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