Control of Uterine Contractility

Control of Uterine Contractility


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1. Ion Channels and the Control of Uterine Contractility Jean Mironneau 2. Control of Uterine Contractility: Human Tissue Roger C. Young 3. Role of Cell-to-Cell Coupling in Control of Myometrial Contractility and Labor R. E. Garfield 4. Diverse Receptors and G Protreins Control the Generation of cAmp, Inositol Phosphates, and Tension in the Myometrium Simone Harbon et al. 5. Modification of Ca2+ Regulatory Systems B. M Sanborn et al. 6. Mechanisms of Ca2+ Transport in Myometrium S. A. Kosterin et al. 7. Molecular Biology of Calcium Pumps in Myometrium Joanne O' Reilly and Ashok Grover 8. Ca2+ Modulation System of Myometrial Contraction During Gestation Hidetaka Izumi 9. Role of Steroids in the Onset of Labor Guy Germain, Marie-Josephe Leroy, and Michelle Breuiller-Fouche 10. Steroid Hormone Receptors Involved in Reproduction: Mechanism of Action Paul Robert and Etienne-Emile Baulieu 11. The Roles and Regulation of Prostaglandins Within the Uterus Murray D. Mitchell et al. 12 Role of Growth Factors and Cytokines in the Control of Uterine Contractility Chandrassekhar Yallampalli 13. Immune Control of Pregnancy Gerard Chouat et al. 14. Immune Control of Myometrial Contractility: Role of Mast Cells Thomas N. Tabb 15 Neural Input to the Uterus and Influence R. E. Papka and R. L. Shew 16. Pharmacological Strategies for Uterine Relaxation Michael Hollingsworth et al.
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