Consumer Culture Theory

Consumer Culture Theory

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Introduction (Kjeldgaard, Bajde, Belk) Part I: Objects and their doings Chapter 1 - Love and Locks: consumers making pilgrimages and performing love rituals (Borraz) Chapter 2 - The Life and Death of Anthony Barbie: A Consumer Culture Tale of Lovers, Butlers and Crashers (Walther) Chapter 3 - "When your dog matches your decor": Object agency of living and non-living entities in home assemblage (Syrjala and Norrgrann) Chapter 4 - "I'm only a Guardian of these Objects": Vintage traders, Curatorial consumption and the meaning(s) of objects (Abdelrahman et al.) Part II: Glocalization Chapter 5 - Story of Cool: Journey from the West to Emerging Arab countries (Zounaoui and Smaoui) Chapter 6 - Ethnic Identification: Capital and Distinction among Second-Generation British Indians (Pradhan, Cocker and Hogg) Chapter 7 - Cognitive polyphasia, cultural legitimacy and behavior change: The case of the illicit alcohol market in Kenya (Mwangi, Cocker and Piacentini) Part III: Constituting Markets Chapter 8 - Magic Towns: Creating the Consumer Fetish In Market Research Test Sites (Schwarzkopf) Chapter 9 - Humanizing Market Relationships: The DIY Extended Family (Ottlewski et al.) Chapter 10 - Patriotism as Creative (Counter-)Conduct of Russian Fashion Designers (Gurova) Chapter 11 - Culinary communication practices: the role of retail spaces in producing field-specific cultural capital (Galalae, Emontspool and Omidvar) Part IV: Quoth the Raven Chapter 12 - Duck, it's a Raven!: Writing Stirring Stories with Andersen's Sinister Shadow (Brown)
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