Consent in Shakespeare

Consent in Shakespeare

What Women Do and Don't Say and Do in Shakespeare's Mediterranean Comedies and Origin Stories

Preeshl, Artemis

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Preface Acknowledgements Introduction 1 Commodified Cates: Consent, Class, and Agency on the Marriage Market 2 Triangulating The Two Gentlemen: Maids Enable Gender Expression in Love 3 The Merchants of Love: White Privilege Shades Justice 4 Much Ado About Maidens: Women Restore Women to Society 5 Trussed Night: Expressing Gender Preferred, But Not Required, in Agency 6 All's Well on Love's Pilgrimage: Boundary Crossings between the Sheets 7 Measuring Consent: The Consequences of "Yes," "No," and "No, but..." 8 Women Around Othello: Status and the Race Card in Intimate Partner Violence 9 Tempestuous Powers: Gendered Relations Breed Agency in Unceded Land Conclusion Glossary Index