Conrad Without Borders

Conrad Without Borders

Transcultural and Transtextual Perspectives

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List of Figures List of Abbreviations Acknowledgments Preface Introduction Part 1 Transtextual and Transcultural Bridges 1 Conrad's Triple Perspective: History, Memory, Fiction Jakob Lothe 2 Conrad as a Reader of Adam Mickiewicz's Grazyna Karol Samsel 3 An Epistemological and Denegative Reinterpretation in the Faulknerian Context of Conrad's Malay Tale: "The Planter of Malata" Grazyna Maria Teresa Branny 4 The Power "not to": Agambenian Thought in Conrad's Victory and Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust Pei-Wen Clio Kao 5 "Ich bin nicht einer von euch": Language as a Tool to Construct the Identities of Conrad's German-Speaking Characters Ewa Kujawska-Lis Part 2 Transmedial and Transnational Negotiations 6 Time, Place, Scale, and Decorum: Conrad and the Polish Romantic Drama Laurence Davies 7 The "Curve" of Time: Modes of Imaginative Inquiry in Under Western Eyes Anne Luyat 8 Conrad's Afterlife: Adaptations of Conrad's Biography in Contemporary Polish Culture Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pospiech 9 Communication with Marconi's Electric Waves: Conrad and Wireless Telegraphy Kazumichi Enokida 10 Representing Conrad in Modern China Gloria Kwok Kan Lee 11 The Man Who Foresaw It All: Joseph Conrad and India Narugopal Mukherjee Part 3 Transtextual and Transcultural Politics 12 Transcultural Negotiations: A Personal Record, "Prince Roman," and "The Warrior's Soul" Robert Hampson 13 Rereading Under Western Eyes from the Polish Perspective Joanna Skolik 14 The Dangerous Subject Is the Displaced Subject: Conrad's Short Fictions George Z. Gasyna 15 "I Must Live Till I Die-Mustn't I?": The Hybrid Art of Joseph Conrad and Salman Rushdie G. W. Stephen Brodsky 16 Metropolitan Terror in The Secret Agent: Truth and Fiction in a Surreal Drama Gerard Kilroy Notes on Contributors Index
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Modernism; national borders; transnationalism; transnational; cultural hybridity; counter-narrativity; strategies of resistance; postcolonialism; sovereignty; cosmopolitanism; translation; migration; borders; geopolitics; ecology; Under Western Eyes; Lord Jim; Heart of Darkness; exile