Conditionals, Paradox, and Probability

Conditionals, Paradox, and Probability

Themes from the Philosophy of Dorothy Edgington


Oxford University Press






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1: Lee Walters: Introduction 2: Dorothy Edgington: Philosophy and Me 3: Daniel Rothschild: A Note on Conditionals and Restrictors 4: Angelika Kratzer: Chasing Hook: Quantified Indicative Conditionals 5: David Over: New Paradigm Psychology of Conditional Reasoning and its Philosophical Sources 6: Cleo Condoravdi: Counterfactuals to the Rescue 7: Robert Stalnaker: Counterfactuals and Probability 8: Sabine Iatridou: Grammar Matters 9: Kit Fine: Constructing the Impossible 10: John Hawthorne: The Epistemic Use of 'Ought' 11: Scott Sturgeon: Undercutting Defeat and Edgington's Burglar 12: Timothy Williamson: Edgington on Possible Knowledge of Unknown Truth 13: Rosanna Keefe: Prefaces, Sorites and Guides to Reasoning 14: Alan Hajek: Hysteresis Hypotheses 15: Nick Jones: Verities and Truth-values Bibliography of Edgington's Work