Conceptual Spaces: Elaborations and Applications

Conceptual Spaces: Elaborations and Applications

Hautamaki, Antti; Kaipainen, Mauri; Zenker, Frank; Gardenfors, Peter

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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1. Editors' introduction Mauri Kaipainen, Frank Zenker, Antti Hautamaki, Peter Gardenfors Part I. Concepts, perception and knowledge 2. Nina Laura Poth: Conceptual Spaces, Generalisation Probabilities and Perceptual Categorisation 3. Lucas Bechberger and Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger: Formalized Conceptual Spaces with a Geometric Representation of Correlations 4. Andreas Stephens: Three levels of Naturalistic Knowledge 5. Peter Gardenfors; Convexity is a testable prediction in the theory of conceptual spaces: Reply to Hernandez-Conde Part II. Evolving concepts 6. Joel Parthemore: On the Essentially Dynamic Nature of Concepts: Constant if Incremental Motion in Conceptual Spaces 7. Mauri Kaipainen and Antti Hautamaki: Seeking for the Grasp. An Iterative Subdivision Model of Conceptualization Part III. Concepts and disciplines 8. Sylvia Wenmackers: Lost in Space and Time: A Quest for Conceptual Spaces in Physics 9. Josef Bolt, Bob Coecke, Fabrizio Romano Genovese, Martha Lewis, Dan Marsden and Robin Piedeleu: Interacting Conceptual Spaces I: Grammatical Composition of Concepts 10. Aleksander Gemel and Paula Quinon: Magnitude and Number Sensitivity of the Approximate Number System in Conceptual Spaces 11. Jose Hernandez-Conde: Reply to Gardenfors
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