Conceptual Aphasia in Black

Conceptual Aphasia in Black

Displacing Racial Formation

Hesse, Barnor; Thomas, Greg; Woods, Tryon P.; Nopper, Tamara K.; Woods, Tryon P.; Douglass, Patrice; Saucier, P. Khalil; Saucier, P. Khalil; Wun, Connie

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Preface: Counter-Racial Formation Theory, Barnor Hesse Introduction: Racial Optimism and the Drag of Thymotics, P. Khalil Saucier and Tryon P. Woods Chapter One: No Reprieve: The "Racial Formation" of the United States as a Settler-Colonial Empire (Black Power, White-Sociology, and Omi & Winant, Revisited), Greg Thomas Chapter Two: Being in the Field: A Reflection on Ethnographic Practice, P. Khalil Saucier Chapter Three: Anti-Blackness as Mundane: Black Girls and Punishment Beyond School Discipline, Connie Wun Chapter Four: Strangers to the Economy: Black Work and the Wages of Non-Blackness, Tamara K. Nopper Chapter Five: At the Intersections of Assemblages: Fanon, Capecia, and the Unmaking of the Genre Subject, Patrice Douglass Chapter Six: "Something of the fever and the fret": Antiblackness in the Critical Prison Studies fold, Tryon P. Woods
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