Concepts in Action

Concepts in Action

Representation, Learning, and Application

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Chapter 1. Introduction (Lucas Bechberger).- Chapter 2. The Geometric Structure of Word (Peter Gardenfors).- Chapter 3. Aligning between Conceptual Systems Using Internal and External Information (Robert Goldstone).- Chapter 4. Lexical and Structural Divergences between WordNets of Different Languages (Christiane D. Fellbaum).- Chapter 5. Emergence of Grounded Communication and Concepts using Deep Reinforcement Learning (Michael Spranger).- Chapter 6. Prototypes, Theory, Trust: A Multi-Dimensional Model of Concepts And a Computational Approximation (David Schlangen).- Chapter 7. Machine Learning in Conceptual Spaces: Two Learning Processes (Lucas Bechberger).- Chapter 8. On the Evaluation of Conceptual Spaces: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches (Hadi Banaee).- Chapter 9. Kind formation by Similarity (Helmar Gust).- Chapter 10. Theories about World Representations for the Internet of Things (Michael Farber).- Chapter 11. Effects of semantic specificity in action verb processing (Margit Scheibel).- Chapter 12. Evaluating Semantic CoCreation in Cognitive Representation Models (Stefan Schneider).- Chapter 13. Grounding Abstract Concepts in Action (Paola Vernillo).- Chapter 14. (Jose V. Hernandez-Conde).- Chapter 15. Does the Activation of Motor Information Affect Semantic Processing? (Elisa Scerrati).
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Conceptual Spaces;Concept and Representation;Learning, Language and Application;Robotics and Typicality;Compositionality and Concepts;Concept Research;Concept Research and Machine Learning;Open Access