Computer Aided Surgery

Computer Aided Surgery

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Brain Activity Analysis for the Configurational Determination of Surgical Manipulation and Endoscope.- 3D Tracking of Respiratory Liver Movement by a Robot Assisted Medical Ultrasound.- Development of a Robot Assisted Intubation System and Parameter Optimization.- Development of a Dexterous Manipulator for Single Port Access Surgery.- Motion Control of a Master-Slave Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot Based on the Hand-Eye-Coordination.- Liver Function Region Segmentation in Nuclear Medicine Using Mean Shift and Level Set Methods.- A Pilot study of the physiological assessment of 3D camera using 128ch EEG.- Self-Registration of Ultrasound Imaging Device to Navigation System using Surgical Instrument Kinematics in Minimally.- An Application of Robot Arm for Dynamic Field of View Expansion During Laparoscopy.- Evaluation of Safety and Performance in Robots for Knee Replacement Surgery Based on Standards Invasive Procedure.- Fast Surgical Algorithm for Cutting with Liver Standard Triangulation Language Format Using Z-buffers in Graphics Processing Unit.- Evaluation of Elapsed Times for Surgical Workflow of Deep Brain Stimulation: A Preliminary Report.
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