Compliance Capitalism

Compliance Capitalism

How Free Markets Have Led to Unfree, Overregulated Workers

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1 The freedom to make more rules; 2 Free markets in theory; intensive managerial control in practice; 3 The macro: sell out and pull out; 4 The meso: mistrust and monitor; 5 The micro: audit and cash in; 6 How could governments have missed this?; 7 A retreat into rules
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Denser;Violating;Bureaucratic Accountability;Technical Accountability;Compliance Demands;Compliance Pressure;Standard Cost Model;Federal Aviation Administration;FAA;Surveillance Capitalism;SMS;Compliance Burden;Red Tape;Overhead Contact Lines;Audit Loops;Internal Revenue Service;Impact Share Price;Federal OSHA;Money Manager Capitalism;EHR;Current Procedural Terminology;Netherlands Railways;Information Obligation;Corporate Legitimacy;Organizational Red Tape