Competencies in Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership in the Digital Age

Competencies in Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership in the Digital Age

Papers from CELDA 2014

Ifenthaler, Dirk; Spector, J. Michael; Sampson, Demetrios G.; Isaias, Pedro

Springer International Publishing AG






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Preface.- 1. Reflections on the Future of Instructional Design Research.- Part I. A Global Conversation about Competencies and Challenges for 21st Century.- 2. Competencies Challenges, and Changes: A U.S. Perspective on Preparing 21st Century Teachers and Leaders.- 3. Initiation and Implementation: Changes to Teacher Education in Ireland.- 4. Digital Learnings and Digital Teachers: Challenges, Changes and Competencies.- 5. Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions of School Development.- Part II. Changing Learning and Instructional Paradigms.- 6. School Analytics: A Framework for Supporting School Complexity Leadership.- 7. Improving Content Area Reading Comprehension with 4-6th Grade Spanish ELLs Using Web-based Structure Strategy Instruction.- 8. Teachers' Readiness, Understanding and Workload in Implementing School Based Assessment.- 9. Digital Storytelling: Emotions in Higher Education.- Part III. Assessments and Analytics for Teachers and Decision Makers.- 10. Addressing Standardized Testing Through a Novel Assessment Model.- 11. An EVS Clicker-based Assessment for Radical Transparency in Marking Criteria.- 12. Assessing the Level of Collaborative Writing in a Wiki-based Environment: A Case Study in Teacher Education.- 13. Student-centered Analytics for Postsecondary Education.- 14. Computational Thinking: Toward a Unifying Definition.- Part IV. Changing Tools and Learning Environments.- 15. Designing the Flipped Classroom in Higher Education.- 16. Design4Practice: Scenario for Improving Management Education.- 17. Informal Learning for Possible Science Selves.- 18. Project 'Flappy Crab': An Edugame for Music Learning.- 19. Educational App Creation for the Cathedral in Freiburg.- 20. An Approach to Designing and Implementing Intelligent Tutors in Immersive Virtual Environments.- 21. A Synthesizing Look Forward in Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership in the Digital Age.- Index.
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