Community and Identity at the Edges of the Classical World

Community and Identity at the Edges of the Classical World

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List of Tables List of Contributors Introduction by Aaron W. Irvin 1 1. The Beauty of the Oikumene Has Two Edges: Nurturing Roman Imperialism in the "Glocalizing" Traditions of the East by Ljuben Tevdovski 2. Triggered identity: the use of Macedonian ethnicity by Blaundos in confrontation with the Roman Empire by Luca Mazzini 3. The population of Siscia in the light of epigraphy by Ivan Radman-Livaja 4. Roman presence in Athens in light of the epigraphic evidence evidence by Aleksandar Simic 5. Global and Local in the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods in Marathon: the construction of a Cultural Identity in Roman Greece by Dafni Maikidou-Poutrino 6. Consciousness of Connectivity: Roman temples in southern Syria by Francesca Mazzilli 7. Macedonian, Greek, or Egyptian? Navigating the Royal Additive Identities of Ptolemy I Soter and Ptolemy II Philadelphus by Rachel J. Mittelman 8. Being Mithraist: Embracing 'Otherness' in the Roman Cultural Milieu by Nina Mazhjoo 9. "There are always two sides to every story": Roman rule, cultural continuities and ethnic identity in southern Hispania by Francisco Machuca Prieto 10. Unlocking ritual performances in the Romano-British countryside: How small finds and structured deposits enrich our understanding of provincial priesthoods by Alessandra Esposito 11. Purification Through Puppies: Dog Symbolism and Sacrifice in the Mediterranean World by Aaron W. Irvin and Jason Lundock 12. Communities at the Edges of the Roman World: The Perception of Identity in the Roman Iron Age Barbaricum by Kala Drewniak 13. Deconstructing "Balkan Latin" by Dragana Kun?er 14. The importance of being earnest: Why precise language matters by Kaja Stemberger Flegar 15. The dictatorship of identity: Soviet scholarship and Roman imperialism by Anton Baryshnikov
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