Colorectal Surgery Consultation

Colorectal Surgery Consultation

Tips and Tricks for the Management of Operative Challenges

Lee, Sang W.; Steele, Scott R.; Ross, Howard M.; Feingold, Daniel L.; Rivadeneira, David E.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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How to Avoid Getting into Difficult Operative Situations.- Principles in Approaching Difficult Operative Situations.- Extensive Intraabdominal Adhesions.- Intraoperative Injury to Small or Large bowel.- Injury to the Rectum During Pelvic Surgery.- Appendectomy Pathology Report Returns Adenocarcinoma, Carcinoid or Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm.- Unexpected Findings: Normal Appendix During Appendectomy.- During Sigmoid Resection for Diverticulitis the Patient is Found to have Diffuse Diverticulosis.- Intraoperatively the Patient is Found Incidentally to have Colon or Small Bowel Inflammation.- Unexpected Findings: Intraoperatively Suspected Colon Cancer Turns Out to be Rectal Cancer.- Unexpected Findings: Can't Find the Colon Lesion.- Unexpected Findings: The "Malignant Polyp".- Unexpected Findings: Positive Air Leak.- Unexpected Findings: Anastomotic "Donut" Problems: Incomplete or Missing Donuts with a Negative Leak Test.- Unexpected Findings: Locally Advanced Colon Cancer.- Difficult to Close Abdomen.- Difficult Splenic Flexure Take Down.- Hartmann Takedown: Managing the Hard to Reach or Devascularized Left Colon.- Cannot Find the Rectal Stump During Hartmann Reversal.- Perforated the Rectal Stump while Passing an EEA Stapler.- Inability to Pass EEA Stapler.- The J Pouch Does Not Reach.- Intraperative Management of Bleeding at Stapled Side-to-Side Anastomosis.- Postoperative End-to-End Anastomotic Bleeding.- Postoperative Anastomotic Leak After Low Anterior Resection.- Colon Does Not Reach for a Coloanal Anastomosis.- Cannot Find Internal Opening of Fistula-in-Ano.- How to Deal with Crohn's Friable and Fragile Mesentery.- Ulcerative Colitis with Severe Inflammation and Friable Tissues. How to Avoid Intra-operative Perforation and Manage the Colorectal Stump.- Patient Develops Anastomotic Stricture After Low Anastomosis with Diverting Ileostomy.- Presacral Bleeding.- Cannot Extract the Circular Stapler.- General Technical Recommendations for Difficult Laparoscopic Cases.- Dislodged Laparoscopic Cannulas.- How to Keep the Small Bowel from Getting in the Way of a Laparoscopic Operation.- Laparoscopic Suturing.- Re-look After Laparoscopic Resection.- Retraction of a "Floppy Uterus" Encountered During Minimally Invasive Rectal Resection.- Bleeding During Colectomy.- Cannot Find the Ureter.- Ileum Becomes Ischemic Due to Torsion During J Pouch Creation.- Difficult Laparoscopic Rectal Dissection.- Techniques for Laparoscopic Distal Rectal Stapled Transection.- How to Avoid "Twisting" an Ileocolic or Ileorectal Anastomosis.- How to Deal with Splenic Injury During Laparoscopic Flexure Mobilization.- Entering the Reoperative Hostile Abdomen Laparoscopically.- Manage Inferior Epigastric Bleeding.- Hard to Reach Colostomy/Ileostomy.- Stoma Prolapse.- Ileostomy Retracts Below the Skin.- Difficulties with the stapled hemorrhoidectomy procedure.- Symptomatic Long Residual Rectal Cuff Status Post J Pouch.- Difficult Anterior Perineal Dissection During Abdominoperineal Resection.- Anastomotic Sinus After Low Anterior Resection and Diverting Loop Ileostomy.- Cannot Pass the Scope Into the Cecum.- Difficult to Remove Polyp.- Bleeding After Colonoscopic Polypectomy.- The Thin Colon After Endoscopic Mucosal Resection.- Cannot Remove the Snare During Colonoscopy.- How to Address a Polyp Involving the Appendiceal Orifice.- Medico-legal Issues in Minimally Invasive Colon and Rectal Surgery: A Primer.
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