Collective Goods and Higher Education Research

Collective Goods and Higher Education Research

Pasteur's Quadrant in Higher Education

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Part I The Framework Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 The Framework: Pasteur's Quadrant in Higher Education Part II Evidence-Based Applications to Policy Questions Chapter 3 The Future Higher Education Policy Landscape From the Pasteur's Quadrant Perspective Chapter 4 The Focus on Critical Thinking Skills for the Classroom, the Instructor, and New Sources of Content Chapter 5 Recreating the Faculty Role in University Governance Chapter 6 Leveling the Playing Field From College to Career Chapter 7 The Role of Generic Skills Assessment in Measuring Academic Quality Part III The Rationale for Standardized Assessments in Higher Education Chapter 8 The Case for Comparative Institutional Assessment of Higher-Order Thinking Skills Chapter 9 The Case for Performance-based Assessments and Critical Thinking Tests Chapter 10 Two Questions About Critical Thinking Tests Chapter 11 Conclusion Coda CLA+ Analytics: Making Data Relevant Through Data Mining in Real Time
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