Co-Production and Public Service Management

Co-Production and Public Service Management

Citizenship, Governance and Public Services Management

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1. Rethinking Public Service Management and Renewing Democracy: Engaging citizens as co-producers of public services 2. Beyond Exit & Voice in Enduring Welfare Services: Citizens as co-producers? 3. Empowering Parents as Co-producers of Childcare Services in Sweden 4. Citizens as Co-Producers of Welfare Services: Childcare in eight European countries 5. Citizens as Co-Producers of Personal Social Services in Sweden: Towards a paradigm of democratic participation 6. Crucial Concepts for Understanding Co-production in Third Sector Social Services and Health Care 7. Small Groups, Collective Action and the Sustainability of Co-production 8. Exploring Synergies between Social Enterprise, Social Innovation and Co-production: Key post-NPM concepts in public sector reforms 9. Co-production at the Crossroads of Public Administration Regimes: What role for service users, providers and the third sector? 10. Co-production and Public Administration Regimes: Their impact on hybrid organizations 11. Reframing Co-production: More definitions or different schools? 12. Co-production and the Third Sector in the 21st Century: New schools of democracy and participatory public service management