Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat

Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat

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Preface. Editor. Biography. List of Contributors. Mikey's Maxims. SECTION I: GENERAL APPROACH. Client Communication and Medical History. Common Clinical Problems. 2.1 Abdominal distension. 2.2 Cough 2.3 Diarrhea. 2.4 Dyspnea. 2.5 Dysuria. 2.6 Epistaxis. 2.7 Fever of Unknown Origin. 2.8 Icterus. 2.9 Pallor. 2.10 Peripheral edema. 2.11 Pigmenturia. 2.12 Polydipsia/Polyuria. 2.13 Proteinuria. 2.14 Regurgitation. 2.15 Seizures. 2.16 Syncope, Episodic Weakness, Collapse. 2.17 Vomiting. SECTION II: DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES 3. Approach to Thoracic Radiographs 4. Approach to Abdominal Radiographs. SECTION III: DISEASES OF SPECIFIC ORGAN SYSTEMS 5. Diseases of the Oral Cavity and Teeth 6. Respiratory Disorders - upper and lower 7. Diseases of the Pleural Space 8. Cardiovascular Disorders 9. Digestive Diseases 10. Hepatobiliary Disease 11. Pancreatic Disorders 12. Endocrine Diseases 13. Uro-nephrology 14. Disorders of the Nervous System and Muscle 15. Musculoskeletal Disorders and Injuries 16. Hematologic Disorders 17. Disorders of Hemostasis 18. Dermatologic Disorders 19. Ocular manifestations of systemic diseases. SECTION IV: Multisystemic Disorders 20. Clinical Toxicology 21. Infectious Diseases 21.1. Dogs 21.2 Cats 22. Immunologic Disorders SECTION V: Elements of Therapy 23. Fluid Therapy 24. Pain Management 25. Nutrition of the Critically Ill Dog and Cat 26. Management of the Obese Dog and Cat
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