Climate Change, Public Health, and the Law

Climate Change, Public Health, and the Law


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction and overview Michael Burger and Justin Gundlach; 2. Duty to protect public health from the impacts of climate change Michael Burger; 3. Public health sector's challenges and responses Jill Krueger and Colleen Healy Boufides; Part II. Cross-Cutting Issues: 4. Government speech and the first amendment: what the government may say about climate change and public health risks David C. Vladeck; 5. Disease surveillance Jason Smith and Chandra Ganesh; 6. The built environment Justin Gundlach and Jennifer Klein; Part III. Impacts and Interventions: 7. Heat Sara Hoverter; 8. Extreme coastal storm events, sea level rise, storm surge, and ocean acidification as public health threats Robin Kundis Craig; 9. Infectious disease Lindsay F. Wiley; 10. Food security and food sovereignty in climate change adaptation Margot Pollans; 11. Migration Maxine Burkett; Part IV. Interplay with International and Domestic Environmental Law: 12. International impacts and responses William Onzivu; 13. How existing environmental laws respond to climate change and its mitigation Justin Gundlach; 14. Incorporating public health assessments into climate change action Jessica Wentz.