Clean Energy Urban Design

Clean Energy Urban Design

The Energy Proforma in Policy and Practice


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Prologue Part 1: Designing the Clean Energy City 1. The Clean Energy Imperative in China 2. A Neighborhood Scale Approach to Clean Energy Cities 3. Understanding Form-Energy Systems 4. Finding Design Alternatives 5. Energy Proforma: Rapid Energy Assessment Tool for Neighborhoods 6. From Practice to Policy Part 2: The Example of Jinan 7. City of Springs 8. Traditional Neighborhood: Dikou Urban Village 9. Urban Grid: Old Commercial District, North 10. Walk-up Slab Enclave: Foshan-Yuan 11. High-rise Superblock Sunshine 100 12. Energy Performance of the Neighborhoods Part 3: Five Clean Energy Neighborhoods 13. Jinan West: 1. High Density Garden 2. Remix 3. Greenway 4. New Springs 5. The Productive City Part 4: Clean Energy Policy 14. Redesigning the Eco-City Agenda 15. The Existing Regulatory Framework 16. Clean Energy Neighborhood Development Guidelines 17. Case for a National Neighborhood Energy Performance Standard 18. Conclusion: Expanding the Benefits of Clean Energy Development