Christian Philosophy

Christian Philosophy

Conceptions, Continuations, and Challenges

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Nicholas Wolterstorff: Foreword Notes on Contributors J. Aaron Simmons: Introduction: Why This? Why Now? Part I: Conceptions 1: Alvin Plantinga: Advice to Christian Philosophers 2: Jean-Luc Marion: Christian Philosophy: Hermeneutic or Heuristic? 3: Kyla Ebels-Duggan: Christian Philosophy and the Christian Life 4: Merold Westphal: Taking Plantinga Seriously: Advice to Christian Philosophers 5: Bruce Ellis Benson: The Two-fold Task of Christian Philosophy of Religion 6: Kevin Hart: Christian Phenomenology Part II: Continuations 7: Charles Taliaferro: On Divine Dedication: Philosophical Theology with Jeremy Taylor 8: Neal DeRoo: Discerning the Spirit: The Task of Christian Philosophy>" 9: Kevin Timpe: Christian Philosophy and Disability Advocacy 10: Meghan Sullivan: Teaching Evil 11: Trent Dougherty: Advice for Analytic Theologians: Faith-Guided Scholarship Part III: Challenges 12: J. Aaron Simmons: The Strategies of Christian Philosophy 13: Paul K. Moser: Christian Philosophy and Christ Crucified: Fragmentary Theory in Scandalous Power 14: J.L. Schellenberg: Is Plantinga-Style Christian Philosophy Really Philosophy? 15: Graham Oppy: Philosophy, Religion, and Worldview 16: Peter Ochs: Beyond Two-Valued Logics: A Jewish Philosopher's Take on Recent Trends in Christian Philosophy
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