Chinese Theatre Troupes in Southeast Asia

Chinese Theatre Troupes in Southeast Asia

Touring Diaspora, 1900s-1970s

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Introduction Part I Chinese theatre troupes on the Sino-Southeast Asian Corridor, 1900s-1930s 1 Formation of Chinese theatrical spaces: temples, theatres and amusement parks in the Straits Settlements 2 Travelling with Teochew immigrants: Chaozhou theatre troupes on the move 3 Performative encounters: China's Song and Dance Troupe and the Nanyang tour 4 Saving the motherland: diasporic Nationalism and Mobilisation of Chinese in Malaya during WWII Part II 'Dangerous' reaching out via performative linkages in the Cold War 5 Old ties and new routes: socialist Chaozhou theatre in Hong Kong, 1950s-1960s 6 Chaozhou opera film nexuses: Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, 1960s 7 Appropriating postcolonial Chineseness: Hong Kong leftwing troupes in Cold War Singapore and Malaya(sia) 8 Conclusion and epilogue
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