China: A Historical Geography of the Urban

China: A Historical Geography of the Urban

Ding, Yannan; Zhang, Xiaohong; Marinelli, Maurizio

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1. Introduction; Yannan Ding.PART I. Nation and City.Chapter 2. Shanghai Parks in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century - Architectural and Cultural Exchanges between the East and the West; Hsiu-Ling Kuo. Chapter 3. A City of Workers, a City for Workers? Remaking Beijing Urban Space in the Early PRC; Fabio Lanza.Chapter 4. Changchun across 1949: Rebuilding a Colonial Capital City under Socialism in the Early 1950s; Yishi Liu.PART II. Mediating History and Modernity.Chapter 5. Tunxi: Urban Sectoral Agglomeration in a Regional Center of Tea Trade; Yi Zou, Xi Lin.Chapter 6. What's in a Name: The 'New Village' in Shanghai, 1930-1980; Duan Zheng, Xiaohong Zhang.Chapter 7. The View of Comparison about Politics of Street Names between Taipei and Shanghai; Wenchuan Huang.PART III. Contemporary City Building.Chapter 8. Disneyfication or Self-referentiality: Recent Conservation Efforts and Modern Planning History in Datong; Shulan Fu, Jean Hillier.Chapter 9. The Politics of Aesthetics in Tianjin between Past and Present; Maurizio Marinelli.Chapter 10. Living in the "Past": The Effects of a Growing Preservation Discourse in Contemporary Urban China; Philipp Demgenski.
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