Chasing the City

Chasing the City

Models for Extra-Urban Investigations

Nesbit, Jeffrey S; Nason, Joshua M

Taylor & Francis Inc






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Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Foreword: Chasing the City in the Age of New Geography David Grahame Shane Chapter 1: Introduction: Chasing the Neo-utopian Paradox Joshua M. Nason and Jeffrey S. Nesbit Chapter 2: Chasing the Awkward City Joshua Nason Chapter 3: Chasing #Antidrone Derek Hoeferlin Chapter 4: Chasing the Logistical City and Its Spatial Formations Clare Lyster Chapter 5: Chasing and Rewiring Resource Territories Neeraj Bhatia Chapter 6: Chasing Military Logistics in the Urban Void Jeffrey S. Nesbit Chapter 7: Chasing Lines of Engagement Edward Becker Chapter 8: Chasing Strategies for the Post-crisis Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou Chapter 9: Chasing Ambiguous Conditions of Coexistence Peter Winston Ferretto Chapter 10: Chasing a Genealogy of X Choon Choi Afterword: Chasing Composition David Salomon Index
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