Chances Are

Chances Are

Contingency, Queer Theory and American Literature

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Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: Taking Chances * Heterosexual Necessity 2. Gambling on Marriage: The House of Mirth and The Pit 3. The Calculus of Probabilities: "The Mystery of Marie Roget" * Accidental Narratives 4. Alger and Emerson: Racism, Retroaction, and the Marriage Plot 5. Racial Contingency: Iola Leroy and Passing * Contingent Reading 6. Interpretation by Chance: Bechdel, Winnicott, Woolf 7. Exchanging Hours: A Dialogue on Time 8. Conclusion: Not Knowing Notes Index
contingency concept; Feminism, Queer Theory, Sexuality, literary theory, critical theory, psychoanalytic theory, narrative theory, American Literature, LGBT studies, chance, Women's and Gender Studies, psychoanalytic criticism; heteronormative culture; LGBT studies; queer hermeneutic methods