Challenges to China's Economic Statecraft

Challenges to China's Economic Statecraft

A Global Perspective

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Introduction, by Yi Edward Yang and Wei Liang Part I. China's Economic Statecraft in Bilateral Relations Chapter 1. The New Great Game in Central Asia? The Belt and Road Initiative and its implications for Sino-Russian relations, by Laura Bunting Chapter 2. Sanctions Effectiveness in the China-South Korea THAAD Dispute - The Importance of Target State Considerations, by James F. Paradise Chapter 3. Middle Powers and China's Economic Statecraft: Charting Variance in "Strategic Value," by Stephen Noakes Part II.China's Economic Statecraft in Regional Relations Chapter 4. Can China's Economic Statecraft Win Soft Power in Africa? Unpacking Trade, Investment and Aid, by Pippa Morgan Chapter 5. Chinese Economic Statecraft and the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jonathan Fulton Chapter 6. Pulling the Region into its Orbit? China's Economic Statecraft in Latin America, by Wei Liang, Chapter 7. Blackening Skies for Chinese Investment in the EU?, by Bas Hooijmaaijers Chapter 8. Nuclear Infrastructure Investment: China's New Tool of Economic Statecraft?, by Biao Zhang Part III. China's Economic Statecraft: Creating and Shaping International Institutions Chapter 9. Expanding Normative Power in Financial Governance through Economic Statecraft? The Case of the AIIB, by Zhongzhou Peng and Sow Keat Tok Chapter 10. China's Coherence in International Economic Governance, by Marcia Don Harpaz Chapter 11. Toward a Responsible Great Power? A Formal Analysis of China's Contributions to UN Peacekeeping Operations, by Min Ye and Quan Li
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Belt and Road Initiative; China's economic statecraft; Chinese foreign policy; Chinese foreign relations; Chinese politics; economic diplomacy; economic statecraft; international political economy