Cervantes and the Early Modern Mind

Cervantes and the Early Modern Mind


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Foreword: Historicizing Cognitive Approaches to Cervantes Howard Mancing Introduction: A Cognitive-Historicist Approach to Cervantes's Work Isabel Jaen and Julien Jacques-Simon Section I - Views of the Mind in Early Modern Spain Chapter 1 - Spanish Brain Science and Philosophy of Mind in the Time of Cervantes: Three Seminal Thinkers Antonio Martin Araguz Section II - Feeling, Thinking, and Remembering in Humans and Brutes Chapter 2 - Emotion and Human Development in Cervantes's Don Quijote: The Case of Sancho Panza Isabel Jaen Chapter 3 - Aging, Emotion, and Cognition: El viejo zeloso and Early Modern Thought Elena Carrera Chapter 4 - Human Thinking about Thinking Animals in the Early Modern Spanish and Spanish American World Steven Wagschal Chapter 5 - Wit, Imagination, and the Goat: The Untrodden Paths of Literary Creation in Cervantes's Don Quijote and Huarte's Examen de ingenios Christine Orobitg Chapter 6 - Cervantes and the Mother of the Muses: Views of Memory in Early Modern Spain Julia Dominguez Section III - Altered Minds: Causes, Effects, and Remedies Chapter 7 - Melancholic Consciousness: Cervantes's Contribution to Early Modern Views of Melancholy and the Emergence of the Fictional Mind Isabel Jaen and Julien Jacques-Simon Chapter 8 - Mind-Altering Agents in Cervantes's Work: Regarding His Sources on Pharmacology Francisco Lopez-Munoz and Cecilio Alamo Chapter 9 - Don Quijote and Cervantes's Knowledge of Neurological Disorders Jose-Alberto Palma, Fermin Palma, and Julien Jacques-Simon
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animals; brain; cervantes; cognition; cognitive literary studies; consciousness; Dulcinea; don quixote; emotion; Godoy; human development; Juan Huarte de San Juan; medicine; melancholy; memory; mental health; mind; neurological disorder; neuroscience; psychology; quixotic; renaissance; sancho panza