Ceramics in Circumpolar Prehistory

Ceramics in Circumpolar Prehistory

Technology, Lifeways and Cuisine


Cambridge University Press






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1. Cold winters, hot soups and frozen clay: understanding the emergence of ceramic traditions across the Circumpolar North Kevin Gibbs and Peter Jordan; 2. Why did northern foragers make pottery?: Investigating the role of incipient Jomon ceramics within wider hunter-gatherer subsistence strategies in prehistoric Japan Junzo Uchiyama; 3. Vessels on the Vitim: 'Neolithic' ceramics in eastern Siberia V. M. Vetrov and P. N. Hommel; 4. Maritime nomads of the Baltic Sea: ceramic traditions, collective identities and prehistoric cuisine Sven Isaksson, Kevin Gibbs, and Peter Jordan; 5. The paradox of pottery in the remote Kuril Islands Erik Gjesfjeld; 6. Understanding the function of container technologies in prehistoric SW Alaska Marjolein Admiraal and Rick Knecht; 7. Ethnographic and archaeological perspectives on the use life of Northwest Alaskan pottery Shelby Anderson; 8. An exploration of arctic ceramic and soapstone cookware technologies and food preparation systems Liam Frink and Karen Harry; 9. Ceramic use by middle and late woodland foragers of the Maritime Foragers Michael Deal, Thomas Farrell, Latonia Hartery, Alison Harris and Michael Sanders; 10. Prestige foods and the adoption of pottery by Subarctic foragers Mathew Boyd, Megan Wady, Andrew Lints, Clarence Surette and Scott Hamilton; 11. Use of ceramic technologies by circumpolar hunter-gatherers: current progress and future research prospects Brian Hayden.
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