Central Asia in the Era of Sovereignty

Central Asia in the Era of Sovereignty

The Return of Tamerlane?


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Introduction: Central Asia in an Era of Sovereignty: The Return of Tamerlane? Daniel L. Burghart and Theresa Sabonis-Helf Part I: Social Issues Chapter 1: The Borderlands Paradox: Framing Central Asia's Current Economic and Security Challenges, Vivian Walker Chapter 2: Legal Reform in Central Asia: Moving Past History, Roger D. Kangas Chapter 3: Human Rights and Governance in Central Asia, Mariya Y. Omelicheva Chapter 4: HIV/AIDS Responses in Central Asia, Svetlana Ancker Chapter 5: Sorting Central Asia Social Media, Stacie L. Giles Chapter 6: The Evolution of the IMU and its Communication Strategy: Public Relations or Survival? Sebastien Peyrouse Chapter 7: Brain Waste? Integration of Central Asian and Georgian Labor Migrants in the United States, Saltanat Liebert Part II: Economics and Security Chapter 8: One Belt One Road: Realizing the "China Dream" in Central Asia? Yuhao Du Chapter 9: Infrastructure and the Political Economies of Central Asia, Theresa Sabonis-Helf Chapter 10: Great Game Changers? The Changing Nature of Central Asian Energy, Daniel L. Burghart Chapter 11: Multilateral Engagement with Central Asia on Energy Issues, Richard Wheeler Chapter 12: Kazakhstan's Bazaar Economy: A Second-Best Institution, Dena Sholk Chapter 13: The Fifth Estate: Illicit Networks in Central Asia, Elena Kovalova Chapter 14: Problematic Puzzle Pieces: Enclaves and Conflict in the Ferghana Valley, Timothy Rowe Chapter 15: The Security Forces, Robert Timm Part III: Case Studies Chapter 16: Kazakhstan's Dilemma on Eurasian and Central Asian Integration, Marlene Laruelle Chapter 17: Kyrgyzstan's Experiments with Democracy, Erica Marat Chapter 18: Tajikistan's Roghun Dam: Understanding Rahmon's "Palace of Light," Theresa Sabonis-Helf Chapter 19: Foreign Direct Investment in the Oil & Gas Sector of Turkmenistan, Sophia Srinivasan Chapter 20: Everyday Governance in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan, Laura Adams, Mans Svensson, and Rustamjon Urinboyev
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