Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management

Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management

A Comprehensive Textbook

Cornett, Elyse M.; Ghali, G. E.; Fox, III, Charles J.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Sleep Apnea.- Postoperative Visual Loss: Anatomy, Pathogenesis, and Anesthesia Considerations.- Substance Abuse.- Awareness.- Shared Airway: Techniques, Anesthesia Considerations and Implications.- Dental Injury: Anatomy, Pathogenesis, and Anesthesia Considerations and Implications.- Complications of General Anesthesia.- Pain Management.- Regional Anesthesia/ Monitored Anesthesia Care.- Massive Perioperative Hemorrhage: Considerations in Clinical Management.- Cardiovascular System Damaging Events.- Airway and Respiratory System Damaging Events.- Burns in the Operating Room.- Eye Injury.- Severe Peripheral Nerve Injury.- Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management in the Trauma Patient.- Obstetrics.- Catastrophic Complications in Pediatric Anesthesiology.- Ambulatory and Office Based Surgery.- Remote Locations.- Equipment Problems.- Perioperative Medication Errors.- Physiologic Monitoring: Technological Advances Improving Patient Safety.- Quality of Care in Perioperative Medicine.- Professional Liability.- Medical Malpractice.- Closed Claims Project Overview.- Peer Review in Perioperative Medicine.- Perioperative Complications Chapter: Shared Decision Making and Informed Consent.
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