Case Studies in Star Formation

Case Studies in Star Formation

A Molecular Astronomy Perspective

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Preface; Acronyms; Part I. Introduction: 1. An overview of star formation; Part II. Low Mass Star Formation (LMSF): 2. Two LMSFR surveys using IRAM and ALMA; 3. IRAS 16293 in Ophiuchus; 4. NGC 1333 in Perseus; 5. IRAS 15398 in Lupus 1; Part III. High Mass Star Formation (HMSF): 6. Two HMSFR surveys using APEX and NOEMA; 7. Sagittarius B2; 8. G29.96 in W43; 9. Orion BN/KL; Part IV. Ionization: 10. Two HII surveys using JVLA and ALMA; 11. An HCHII in G24.78+0.08; 12. G34.26+0.15 in Aquila; Part V. Photodissociation: 13. An ATLASGAL PDR sample; 14. The Orion Bar in M42; 15. The Horsehead Nebula in Orion; Part VI. External Galaxies: 16. Two extragalactic surveys: CANON and PHANGS-ALMA; 17. ST16 & N113 in the large magellanic cloud; 18. Starburst galaxy NGC 253; List of research journal abbreviations; References; Appendices; Subject index; Chemical index.
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