Career Assessment

Career Assessment

Integrating Interests, Abilities, and Personality

American Psychological Association






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Preface Introduction: The Interdomain Model of Career Assessment Chapter 1. Scope of Career Assessment Work I. Assessing Vocational Interests Chapter 2. Defining and Contextualizing Vocational Interests: Holland's RIASEC Model Chapter 3. The "Big Six" RIASEC Interest Types Chapter 4. Case Illustrations and Interpreting Results II. Assessing Career-Related Abilities Chapter 5. Conceptual Issues and General Intelligence Chapter 6. Mechanical and Physical Abilities Chapter 7. Spatial Abilities Chapter 8. Artistic/Creative Abilities Chapter 9. Social Abilities: Social and Emotional Intelligence Chapter 10. Managerial and Leadership Abilities Chapter 11. Conventional-Related Abilities Chapter 12. Other Abilities and Case Illustrations III. Assessing Career-Related Personality Characteristics Chapter 13. Conceptual Issues and Generic Measurement Chapter 14. The Five Factor Model of Personality Chapter 15. Other Personality Characteristic Chapter 16. Case Illustrations IV. Applying the Interdimensional Model Chapter 17. Relationships Across Interests, Abilities, and Personality Domains Chapter 18. A Step-by-Step Process for Integrating Career Assessment Data Chapter 19. Client Feedback and Report Preparation Chapter 20. Ethics and Technology References
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career counseling; guidance counseling; RIASEC model; interdomain model; career change