Business Interests and the Development of the Modern Welfare State

Business Interests and the Development of the Modern Welfare State

Oude Nijhuis, Dennie

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Analyzing the role of business in welfare state development Dennie Oude Nijhuis Part I: Country Studies 2. Business interests and the development of the Bismarckian welfare state Thomas Paster 3. Explaining employer support for welfare state development in the Netherlands Dennie Oude Nijhuis 4. Business interests and the development of the public-private welfare mix in Switzerland, 1880-1990 Pierre Eichenberger and Matthieu Leimgruber 5. British employers and the development of state protection for unemployment, sickness and old age, 1900-1990 Paul Bridgen 6. Private or public? Employer attitudes and strategies towards welfare reform in Finland Susanna Fellman 7. Misrepresented interests: Business, Medicare, and the making of the American health care state Peter A. Swenson Part II: Cross-country comparisons and recent challenges 8. Who controls the workplace? Business and the regulation of job security in Western Europe Patrick Emmenegger 9. Employer organizations and the evolution of active labor market policy in Sweden and the United States Joshua C. Gordon 10. The business of change: Employers and work-family policy reforms Magnus Bergli Rasmussen and Oyvind Soraas Skorge 11. The financial politics of occupational pensions: A business interest's perspective Nataschavan der Zwan 12. Industrial coordination and vocational training in the postindustrial age Cathie Jo Martin and Lukas Graf 13. Pension privatization as a boon to stock market development? Financial ideas, reform complementarities and the divergent fates of Hungary's and Poland's pension fund industries Marek Naczyk 14. Conclusion: The business of studying business Dennie Oude Nijhuis
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