Buffalo at the Crossroads

Buffalo at the Crossroads

The Past, Present, and Future of American Urbanism

Cornell University Press






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Introduction: Buffalo at the Crossroads Part I: Buffalo as Territory 1. "The Olmsted City": Heritage Landscapes and Civic Identity in Twentieth-Century Buffalo 2. The Peace Bridge and the Rhetoric of Hospitality at the US-Canada Border 3. Of Silo Dreams and Deviant Houses: Uneven Geographies of Abandonment in Buffalo, New York Part II: Buffalo as Utopia 4. "In the Thought of the World": Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Administration Building 5. Max Abramovitz's Temple Beth Zio: "An Airport for the Spirit, Where the Soul Takes Off for Heaven" 6. Putting the Rust in Rust Belt: Architectural Tourism and Industrial Heritage 7. Anticipating Imags: Buffalo Industry under Construction, 1906-1943 Part III: Buffalo as Experiment 8. In the Buffalo Community, but Not of It: Polish Migrants, Urban Poverty, and the American Nation in Buffalo at the Turn of the Twentieth Century 9. Upstate and Downstate Avant-Gardes: Artists and Artist Communities in Postindustrial Buffalo and New York City during the 1970s 10. Lake Effect: Art and Childhood in 1970s Buffalo Part IV: Buffalo as Palimpsest 11. Rust Belt Cosmopolitanism: Resettlement Urbanism in Buffalo, New York 12. Cropping the View: Reyner Banham and the Image of Buffalo Coda
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