British English Phonetic Transcription

British English Phonetic Transcription


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Symbols for phonemic transcription Phonetic symbols and diacritics The International Phonetic Alphabet Preface and acknowledgements Before you start transcribing... PART A: TRANSCRIBING WORDS 1. The familiar consonants /p b t d k g f v s z h m n w l r/ and the vowels /I ae e v / 2. Primary stress, schwa /a/ and unstressed KIT /I/ 3. Consonants with unfamiliar symbols: / j n d/ 4. The FLEECE /i / and GOOSE /u / vowels 5. The PALM / /, THOUGHT /o /, NURSE /e / and SQUARE /e / vowels 6. The FACE /eI/, PRICE /aI/ and CHOICE /oI/ vowels 7. The GOAT /a / and MOUTH /a / vowels 8. The NEAR /Ia/ and CURE / a/ vowels 9. Syllabic consonants 10. Secondary stress 11. Inflections and epenthesis PART B: TRANSCRIBING CONNECTED SPEECH 12. Connected speech and liaison 13. Stress and weak forms 14. Elision 15. Assimilation 16. Connected speech: extended practice PART C: TRANSCRIBING INTONATION 17. An introduction to intonation 18. Nucleus and tail 19. Head and pre-head 20. Intonation: Extended practice APPENDICES A. Summary of consonant and vowel theory B. Phonetic transcription References and suggested reading Index