Britain's Retreat from Empire in East Asia, 1905-1980

Britain's Retreat from Empire in East Asia, 1905-1980

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1. Early retirement: Britain's retreat from Asia, 1905-23, Antony Best. 2. Imperial Germany's strategy in East and South-East Asia: The campaign against British India, Ian Nish. 3. Japan's Twenty-One Demands and Anglo-Japanese relations: diplomatic negotiations and newspaper reports, T. G. Fraser. 4. Britain, intelligence and Japanese policy towards Siberia, 1917-22, Antony Best. 5. Britain, the League of Nations and Russian women refugees in China in the interwar period, Harumi Goto-Shibata. 6. Defending the Singapore strategy: Hankey's Dominions' tour 1934, Ann Trotter. 7. Conquering press: Coverage by The New York Times and The Manchester Guardian on the Allied occupation of Japan, 1945-1952, Roger Buckley. 8. In search of regional authority in South-East Asia: The improbable partnership of Lord Killearn and Malcolm MacDonald, 1946-48, A. J. Stockwell. 9. Anglo-American relations and the making and breaking of the Korean phase of the 1954 Geneva conference, Robert Barnes. 10. A withdrawal from Empire: Hong Kong-UK relations during the European Economic Community enlargement negotiations, 1960-63, David Clayton. 11. From Vietnam to Hong Kong: Britain, China and the everyday Cold War, 1965-67, Chi-kwan Mark. 12. Towards 'a new Okinawa' in the Indian Ocean: Diego Garcia and Anglo-American relations in the 1960s, Yoichi Kibata.
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