Legal and Economic Aspects of a Political Divorce


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Contents: Preface vii 1 At Brexit crossroads: autonomy and gains from trade as alternatives? Introduction and overview 1 Hans-Bernd Schafer and Joern Axel Kammerer 2 Some game-theoretic aspects of Brexit 34 Roland Kirstein 3 Brexit: populist reaction to the 2008 speculative bubble bursting? 77 Ejan Mackaay 4 Dead end or pathway to new relations? Structure and problems of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement 92 Joerg Philipp Terhechte 5 Services: market access and standards in future EU-UK relations 110 Friedemann Kainer 6 Brexit and how it affects capital markets (regulation) 142 Wolf-Georg Ringe 7 Third-country market access under Brexit: new wine in old bottles 177 Mathias Hanten 8 Settlement of international commercial disputes post-Brexit, or: united we stand taller 190 Giesela Ru hl Index
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