Techniques and Evidences

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Part I. General.- 1. History of Japanese brachytherapy.- 2. Japanese brachytherapy in the world.- 3. Deformable image registration in brachytherapy: Beyond dose volume histogram.- Part II. Gynecology.- 4. Moving on from LDR to HDR.- 5. Intracavitary brachytherapy from 2D to 3D.- 6. Midline block (Central shield) .- 7. Hybrid brachytherapy.- 8. Interstitial brachytherapy: radical and salvage.- 9. Asian cooperation and global trend.- Part III. Prostate.- 10. Prostate brachytherapy: the fact and the way to go.- 11. How we led Japanese low-dose-rate brachytherapy to successful practice (Urologist perspecitive).- 12. How we led Japanese low-dose-rate brachytherapy to successful practice (Radiation oncologist perspecitive).- 13. HDR monotherapy.- 14. Single-fraction boost HDR.- Part IV. Breast.- 15. Japanese experience and American trend.- 16. Hungarian experience and European trend.- Part V. Head and Neck.- 17. Low-dose-rate brachytherapy for oral cancer.- 18. High-dose-rate brachytherapy for oral cancer.- 19. Eye plaque brachytherapy for retinoblastoma and melanoma.- Part VI. Intraluminal.- 20. Intraluminal brachytherapy for endobronchial cancer.- 21. Intraluminal brachytherapy for esophageal cancer.- 22. Intraluminal brachytherapy for biliary tract cancer.
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