Borges, Language and Reality

Borges, Language and Reality

The Transcendence of the Word

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Introduction: Borges, or the Geography of Sentience Alfonso J. Garcia-Osuna .- Borges and the Third Man: Toward an Interpretation of 'Unanime noche' in "The Circular Ruins" .- Jose Luis Fernandez.- Borges and Nietzschean Ethics: Another Branch of Fantastic Literature? .- Cesar Rivera .- Ireneo Funes: Superman or Failure? A Husserlian Analysis .- Ethan Rubin Contradictory Rhetoric: Disassembling "Pierre Menard, autordel Quijote" .- Patricia Reagan.- Meetings of Anger: Borges on Metaphor David Ben-Merre.- Borges, Lorca and Jung as Labyrinth Makers Salvatore Poeta.- The Tloenian Cone.- Fredy R. Zypman Incomplete Works: Borges' Literary Idealism.- Alejandro Riberi.- Borges, Ethics, and Evil.- Donald Shaw.- Jorge Luis Borges Index.
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