Bomber Squadron

Bomber Squadron

Men Who Flew with XV Squadron

Ford-Jones, Martyn R.

Fonthill Media






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Foreword; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1 Three Times Fifteen: Air Vice-Marshal Stewart Paddy' Menaul; 2 MacRobert's Reply: Squadron Leader Peter Boggis, DFC; 3 The Quest to Find Leonard: Pilot Officer Leonard O'Hara; 4 Sojourn in Spain: Group Captain Michael Wyatt, DFC; 5 The Diary: Sergeant Frederick Steve' Stevens; 6 Te Kooti': Sergeant Arthur Edgley; 7 The Permanent Reminder: Pilot Officer Graham Mick' Cullen; 8 The Biter Bitten: Sergeant Douglas Doug' Fry; 9 The Darkness of Pain: Flight Sergeant Gilbert Gil' Marsh; 10 A Squadron of One: Flight Lieutenant Oliver Brooks, DFC; 11 The Born Survivor: Flight Lieutenant Len Miller, DFC; 12 No Illusions of Grandeur: Warrant Officer Bernard Dye; 13 The First Hurdle: Flight Sergeant Harry Bysouth, DFM; 14 Operations Manna and Exodus: Flight Sergeant D. A. Pat' Russell; 15 A Collection of Memories: They Also Flew; Appendix I: XV Squadron List of Awards 1939-1945; Appendix II: XV Squadron Second World War Roll of Honour; Appendix III: List of Wartime Officers Commanding; Appendix IV: List of Second World War Airfield Locations; Bibliography; Index.
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Casemate; Fonthill Media; Bomber Squadron; 9781781557082; Martyn R. Ford-Jones