Biomedical Signal Processing

Biomedical Signal Processing

Innovation and Applications

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Chapter 1. Multi-CLASS fNIRS Classification of Motor Execution Tasks with Application to Brain Computer Interfaces.- Chapter 2. A Comparative Study of End-to-End Discriminative Deep Learning Models for Knee Joint Kinematic Time Series Classification.- Chapter 3. Nonlinear Smoothing of Data with Random Gaps and Outliers (DRAGO) Improves Estimation of Circadian Rhythm.- Chapter 4. Wearable Smart Garment Devices for Passive Biomedical Monitoring.- Chapter 5. Spatial Distribution of Seismocardiographic Signals.- Chapter 6. Noninvasive Vascular Blood Sound Monitoring Through Flexible Pvdf Microphone.- Chapter 7. Fast Automatic Artifact Annotator for EEG Signals Using Deep Learning.- Chapter 8. Objective evaluation metrics for automatic classification of EEG events.
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