Biblical and Theological Visions of Resilience

Biblical and Theological Visions of Resilience

Pastoral and Clinical Insights


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Foreword John Swinton Acknowledgements List of Contributors Introduction Nathan H. White and Christopher C.H. Cook Section 1: Biblical Visions of Resilience 'To Do You Good in the End': The Wilderness Experience in Israel's Communal Memory (Deuteronomy 8) Noel Forlini Burt Singing Stories Together: Relationship and Storytelling as Resources for Resilience in the Book of Psalms Rebecca W. Poe Hays Struck Down but Not Destroyed: Images of Resilience from the Book of Jeremiah Jonathan D. Bentall Traumatic Speech and the Rejection of Narrative in Lamentations David Janzen Abide in Me: A Johannine Theology of Resilience Andrew Byers Complements to the Notion of Human Resilience: Paul's First Letter to the Thessalonians as a Test Case Steven J. Kraftchick Resilience in 1 Peter: Faithfulness and Hope in the Face of Adversity Katherine M. Hockey Section 2: Theological Visions of Resilience Resilience and Music in the Early Church Carol Harrison Virtue and Resilience: Aquinas's Christian Approach to Virtue Applied to Resilience Craig Steven Titus The Certainty of God's Promises: Martin Luther's Pastoral Use of the Gospel Carl L. Beckwith 'The Science of the Cross': Edith Stein and Resilience Peter Tyler Resilient unto Death: Resilience through the Lens of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Jennifer Moberly 'A Simple and Warm Common Humanity': Self-Transcendence and Restless Resilience in Jurgen Moltmann's Theology Adam J. Powell Section 3: Practical Visions of Resilience Clinical Applications of Resilience Joanna Collicutt Pastoral Reflections on Resilience Page Brooks Concluding Reflections: Transforming Resilience Christopher C.H. Cook and Nathan H. White
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Biblical studies; Christian; Christian theology; Christopher Cook; canonical biblical sources; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; human resilience; John of the Cross; Julian of Norwich; Jurgen Moltmann; Martin Luther; Pastoral theology; pastoral theology; Religious coping; Resilience; Thomas Aquinas