Beyond Princess Culture

Beyond Princess Culture

Gender and Children's Marketing

Foss, Katherine A.

Peter Lang Publishing Inc






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Preface - Section 1. Constructing Gender in Childhood - Katherine A. Foss: Pink or Blue?: The Gendering of Children's Marketing - Kate Roberts Edenborg: Caddie Woodlawn Grows Up: Constructions of Girlhood in the 1930s - Mimi Wiggins Perreault/Gregory Perreault/Michael McCarty: Marketing Gaming for Girls: The Framing of Princess Zelda in American and Japanese Nintendo Commercials - Natalia Rybas/Sergey Rybas: Where The Inner Star Leads: Neoliberal Sensibilities in American Girl Dolls' Talents - Section 2. Updating Classic Toys - Christine Eschenfelder: Guys and Dolls: Gender-Inclusive Toy Marketing in Baby Alive, the Easy-Bake Oven, and G. I. Joe - Jennifer M. Fogel: The Force Is Now Female: The Gendered Marketing of Star Wars - Katherine A. Foss: Building the Future or Making Friends?: Constructing Gender in LEGO Narratives - Erika M. Thomas: Empowerment Through Disney? Third Wave Feminist Discourse in the "Dream Big, Princess" Campaign - Madeleine Esch: Imagine the Possibilities: Marketing Girls' Leadership Through the President Barbie Doll - Section 3. Redefining Gendered Spaces - Nathan Gilkerson: The Internet Asks: Why Are There No Science Shirts for Girls? Examining a Retailer's Marketing Misstep and Public Relations Success - Rebecca Swenson: Kids in the Kitchen: An Analysis of Gendered Narratives on the Food Network - Torie Fowler: What Are Our Children Listening To? Gender Stereotyping and Adult Themes in Kidz Bop - Spring-Serenity Duvall: DIY Superheroines: Craftivism, Capitalism, and Counter-Hegemonic Girl Culture - Katherine A. Foss: Beyond Princess Culture: Navigating New Spaces - Index.