Better With Age

Better With Age

The Psychology of Successful Aging

Castel, Dr. Alan D.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Prologue - How I Got Interested in Successful Aging at a Young AgeIntroduction - The Benefits of Aging and the Psychology of Successful Aging Chapter 1: What Is Successful Aging? Chapter 2: Happiness: A Funny Thing Happens as We Get Older Chapter 3: Memory: Our Memory Becomes More Selective with Age Chapter 4: Wisdom: The Benefits of Experience and Creativity Chapter 5: Staying Sharp: What Is an Active Lifestyle? Chapter 6: Brain Training: Can Computer Games Make Me Smarter? Chapter 7: Habits and Hobbies: Old and New Friends Chapter 8: Retiring and Rewiring: The New "R & R" of Old Age Chapter 9: It Gets Even Better with Age: Start Successful Aging NowClosing CommentsEpilogue - Are You Aging, or Is It Just Me?Notes & ReferencesAcknowledgementsIndex
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