Being Necessary

Being Necessary

Themes of Ontology and Modality from the Work of Bob Hale


Oxford University Press






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1: Ivette Fred-Rivera and Jessica Leech: Introduction 2: John Divers: On Some Arguments for the Necessity and Irreducibility of Necessity 3: Kit Fine: The World of Truthmaking 4: Rosanna Keefe and Jessica Leech: Essentialism and Logical Consequence 5: Peter Simons: Radical Contingentism, or: Why not even numbers exist necessarily 6: Stewart Shapiro: Properties and Predicates, Objects and Names: Impredicativity and the Axiom of Choice 7: Roy T Cook: Predication, Possibility, and Choice 8: Richard G Heck Jr: Logicism, Ontology, and the Epistemology of Second-order Logic 9: Oystein Linnebo: On the Permissibility of Impredicative Comprehension 10: Ian Rumfitt: Neo-Fregeanism and the Burali-Forti Paradox 11: Anand Jayprakash Vaidya: Analytic Essentialist Approaches to the Epistemology of Modality 12: Sonia Roca Royes: Rethinking the Epistemology of Modality for abstracta 13: Crispin Wright: Counter-Conceivability Again
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