Beckett and Politics

Beckett and Politics


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1. Introduction - Helen Bailey & William Davies BECKETT & LANGUAGE POLITICS: Editors' Preface 2. The Politics of Forms in Beckett's Writing - Nadia Louar 3. Beckett, Contradiction and a Textual Politics of Change - Arka Chattopadhyay 4. "Made of words": Beckett and the Politics of Language - Alan Graham 5. "First the Place, Then I'll Find Me in It": The Unnamable's Pronouns and the Politics of Confinement - James Little BECKETT& BIOPOLITICS: Editors' Preface 6. Beckett, Evangelicalism and the Biopolitics of Famine - Sean Kennedy 7. Tweaking Misogyny or Misogyny Twisted: Beckett's Take on "Aristotle and Phyllis" in Happy Days - Kumiko Kiuchi 8. Insufferable Maternity and Motherhood in "First Love" - Brenda O'Connell 9. Beckett, Biopolitics and the Problem of Life - Marc Farrant 10. Beckett's Portrait of the Artist as a Young "Post-War Degenerate" - Giovanna Vincenti 11. Waiting for Godot and the Fascist Aesthetics of the Body - Hannah Simpson BECKETT& GEOPOLITICS: Editors' Preface 12. Political Theatre and the Beckett Problem - Emilie Morin 13. "The air is full of our cries": Staging Godot during apartheid South Africa - Matthew McFrederick 14. Samuel Beckett's Nominalist Politics and the Pitfalls of 'Presentism' - Matthew Feldman 15. Samuel Beckett's Subaltern Figures - Brendan Dowling 16. The Big House in the Suburbs: Home Thoughts from Abroad in Watt - Feargal Whelan 17. Beckett and the Politics of Empathy in Site-Specific Theatre - Niamh M. Bowe 18. Towards A Modernism with Meaning: Beckett's Refugees - Rodney Sharkey Afterword - Peter Boxall