Be-Ron Yahad

Be-Ron Yahad

Studies in Jewish Thought and Theology in Honor of Nehemia Polen


Academic Studies Press






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Reading in Harmony: An Introduction Judaism as a Path of Love, Avraham Yizhak (Arthur) Green To Be or Not to Be: A Tale of Five Sisters, Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg From the Cleft of the Rock: The Eclipse of God in the Bible, Midrash, and Post-Holocaust Theology, Rachel Adelman The Unexpected Impact of Sections and Subsections in a Translation of Vayyiqra Rabba: A Case Study, Chaim Milikowsky From Leviticus to Latkes: The Origins of Hanukkah's Miraculous Oil and the Meaning of the Festival, Michael Rosenberg Between Tradition and Innovation: The Pedagogical Possibilities of the Penai Yehoshua, Jane Kanarek Rediscovering the Covenant: The Contemporary Hasidic Thought of Rabbi Shmuel Berezovsky of Slonim, Alon Goshen-Gottstein Protest or Discernment? Divine Limitation and Mystical Activism in the Qedushat Levi, Or N. Rose Leadership as Individual Relationships: A Close Study of the No'am Elimelekh, Ebn Leader Letter to Riga: Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn's Meditative System for a Young Woman, Naftali Loewenthal Hasidic Women: Beyond Egalitarianist Discourse, Tsippi Kauffman Prophecy and Imagination in the Teachings of R. Tzadoq ha-Kohen of Lublin, R. Abraham Isaac ha-Kohen Kook, and R. Kalonymous Kalman Shapira, Daniel Reiser Poetics of Exegesis in the Sefat Emet's Homilies: Semantic Innovations for Discernment and Disclosure, Elie Holzer Transcendent God, Immanent Kabbalah: Prolegomena to the Hasidic Teachings of R. Avraham ha-Malakh, Avinoam J. Stillman Losing the Princess: Returning to Self: An Archetypal-Ritual Theory for Spiritual Journeying, Aubrey Glazer Caring for the Graves of the Righteous: The Holocaust in Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin's Sippurei Hasidim, Avraham Rosen "Like a Moth to the Flame": The Death of Nadav and Avihu in Hasidic Literature, Ariel Evan Mayse
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Jewish theology;Jewish thought;Jewish mysticism;rabbinic literature;Hebrew Bible;history and hermeneutics