Bat Roosts in Trees

Bat Roosts in Trees

A Guide to Identification and Assessment for Tree-Care and Ecology Professionals

Pelagic Publishing






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Ch 1. Rationale -Introduction -Pre-existing published advice -Motivation -Objective -Proportionality Ch 2. Tree-Roosting Bats -Tree-roosting bat species -Wooded habitat and tree species -Sensitivity to isolation -Seasonal tree-roost occupancy and roost size -Roost heights -General tree-roost preferences Ch 3. Potential Roost Features -Introduction -The Disease and Decay PRF -The Damage PRF -The Association PRF Ch 4. Intelligence-Gathering -Introduction -Resources -Collation of the results Ch 5. The Desk-Study -Introduction -The desk-study objective -The test of 'reasonable likelihood' -To survey or not to survey Ch 6. Ground-Truthing -Introduction -Ground-truthing method -Ground-truthing interpretation Ch 7. Choosing Surveillance Methods -Introduction -Close-inspection -Remote-observation -Static-netting -Radio-tracking -Putting it all together -The proportionality text Ch 8. Close-Inspection -Introduction -Equipment -Health and Safety -Close-inspection method -Interpretation Ch 9. Remote-Observation -Introduction -Confounding factors -Equipment -Health and Safety -Remote-observation method -Interpretation Ch 10. Static-Netting -Introduction -Equipment -Health and Safety -Static-netting method -Interpretation Ch 11. Surveillance Effort -Introduction -Detectability variables -Surveillance periods and intensity therein Ch 12. Trouble-Shooting -Introduction -Fundamental principles -Inconclusive and 'null' results -Indirect damage and disturbance -Comparative assessment of environment -Late commissions -Unlicensed assessments -Getting a second-opinion -Fault-finding
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