Banking on Freedom

Banking on Freedom

Black Women in U.S. Finance Before the New Deal

Columbia University Press






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Acknowledgments Introduction 1. "I Am Yet Waitin": African American Women and Free Labor Banking Experiments in the Emancipation-Era South, 1860s-1900 2. "Who Is So Helpless as the Negro Woman?": The Independent Order of St. Luke and the Quest for Economic Security, 1856-1902 3. "Let Us Have a Bank": St. Luke Penny Savings Bank, Economic Activism, and State Regulation, 1903 to World War I 4. Rituals of Risk and Respectability: Gendered Economic Practices, Credit, and Debt to World War I 5. "A Good, Strong, Hustling Woman": Financing the New Negro in the New Era, 1920-1929 Epilogue Appendix Notes Selected Bibliography Index