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Part I: What Is Wanted, What Is Needed to Get What Is Wanted, and What Will Not Work 1: Methodology, Problems, and Desiderata 2: Guilt, Shame, and Satisfaction 3: The Anselmian Interpretation of the Atonement: Love, Goodness, Justice, and Forgiveness Part II: What Is Wanted: What It Is Not and What It Is 4: Union: God's Omnipresence and Indwelling 5: Union: God's Omnipresence and Indwelling 6: Willing What God Wills: Eckhart and Aquinas 7: Life in Grace Part III: What Is Needed to Get What Is Wanted and the Atonement of Christ 8: The Temptations of Christ and Other Stories 9: Perseverance: Eucharist and Suffering Part IV: The Desiderata for an Interpretation of the Doctrine of the Atonement 10: The Atonement and the Solution to the Problems of Guilt and Shame 11: Conclusion: The Remaining Desiderata and Final Reflection Bibliography
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