Architecture, Festival and the City

Architecture, Festival and the City

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Introduction Christian Frost, Raymond Lucas, Jemma Browne The Festival in History 1. Pruning and propagating civic behaviour: three feste in and around Santa Maria della Vittoria in Mantua, 1495-97' - Italy Susan Janet May 2. A Contemporary Reading of the Accession Day Tilts in relation to Festival and the Elizabethan Notion of Lost Sense of Sight'- UK Constance Lau 3. Festa della Chinea: Tradition and the 'Exotic' in Roman Festival Design -Italy Nicholas Temple 4. "Honneurs et applaudissements": Celebrating the first Jesuit Saints in 17th Century- France Iara Alejandra Dundas The Festival Through History 5. Script and Score: Revisiting Nelson Goodman at Sanja Matsuri- Japan Raymond Lucas 6. The Calcio Storico in Florence: Agonistic Ritual and the Space of Civic Order- Italy Christian Frost 7. The Festal Topography of Andre Breton's Paris- France Dagmar Motycka Weston 8. The Town of Witches: Triora Transfixed - Italy Grace Alexandra Williams 9. Festival, Ritual and Rhetoric of the Arabian Market Street - Middle East Jasmine Shahin Meaning in the Modern Festival 10. A Better Life For More People: Jaqueline Tyrwhitt's contribution for the Festival of Britain -UK Paola Zanotto 11. A Vigorous Corrective: The Ulster 71 Festival - Northern Ireland Sarah Anne Lappin and Una Walker 12. The Pope, the Park and the City: Dublin, 1979 -Republic of Ireland Brian Ward and Gary Boyd 13. Urban Fabric: Maria Lai at Ulassai,- Sardinia Italy David Chandler 14. The Social Architecture of Contemporary Cultural Festivals: Connecting People, the Environment and Art in the Setouchi Triennale - Japan Simone Shu-Yeng Chung 15. Tahrir Square's Festive Imagination- Egypt Hazem Ziada Index
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